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      MTG, Inc. (Manufacturing Technology Group, Inc.)
      85 Servistar Industrial Way
      Westfield, MA ... 01085
      Get Directions or go to Google Map
      Phone: (413) 562-4337
      Fax: (413)562-4376
      To email, click on a name below:

      MTG- General MTG email address

      Richard Carver- President / Floor Mgr. / Owner
      Jack Adam- Vice President / Sales / Owner
      Maryanne Wright- Office Manager
      Michael Adam- Engineering / Programming
      Lauren Congo- Purchasing
      Dan Boudreau- Quality Control
      Doug Furkey- Quality Control
      Fran Edwards- Engineering
      Dave Dale- Engineering
      Mark LaValley- Engineering
      Bob Millier- Engineering
      Steve Adam-Production
      Scott Hinkley- Production
      We accept: