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      • CNC controlled cutting of metal parts from thin gauges to 3/4” thick and as large as 60” x 120”. Machine accuracies are +/- .004 or better.

      • CNC controlled punching of metal parts to 3/16” thick in a 50” x 80” working range plus repositioning capability. Machine accuracies are +/- .004 or better.

      • CNC precision forming of sheet metal parts to 250 tons x 156” long with precision ground tooling. Dimensional accuracies are +/- .005 per bend and +/- ? degree of angle.

      • Automatic or manual insertion of inserts, studs, standoffs, and special hardware. Adjustable tonnage and cycle controls assure correct part insertion.

      • Production sawing with a horizontal band saw featuring automatic stock feed, cutting pressure controls and a throat capacity of 14” x 14” or 14” diameter.

      • Production sawing with a vertical band saw featuring cutting pressure controls and a throat capacity of 16” or 16” diameter.

      • Spot-welding capacity up to 11 gauge with electronically controlled process settings to insure weld quality.

      • Certified TIG and MIG welding of complex structures in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

      • Other metal finishing capabilities include rolling, punching, grinding, blending, buffing, sanding, sand-blasting, tumbling, and deburring.

      • Machining capabilities include CNC, milling, drilling, tapping, and grinding.

      • In-process and final inspection achieved using a CMM and a variety of electronic and dial-type measuring tools.

      • Mechanical assembly of finished products.